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CCMP Products are proud to be an Otago-owned and grown business, established in the early 1960’s. The company started as a relatively small operation out of a workshop in Balclutha with business based around a machine that manufactured Chain Link Wire Mesh. This machine produced mesh for stock gates, stock feeders, security fences, and other products the company sold.

In the mid 1970’s Bill Keith bought the company after establishing solid experience in the engineering trade. Today, CCMP is still family owned and is now managed by his eldest son Hamish.

In the early days, Bill still continued manufacturing products based around the mesh machine. Farm gates were the biggest selling product the company manufactured and at times the mesh machine would operate up to 18 hours a day with staff working in shifts. New products were developed and manufactured to supply the Otago / Southland farming community.

From an early stage the company could see the potential for diversification into other farming-orientated products and services and as farming practices and farmer’s demands changed so did CCMP. Today, the main focus of CCMP is still on the rural sector with their core business coming from the dairy industry. Bill installed the companies’ first milking machine in 1979.

The business has experienced steady growth over the past 20 years due mainly to the increase in dairy farming in the area. The company is a market leader when it comes to Dairy Shed Design and Construction.

From the outset, the company valued innovation and diversified into producing a full range of different farm-related products and services all built and serviced by Otago people. This innovation has continued today with the recent name change to CCMP to signify the company’s growth and further diversification to providing Otago farms the delivery of total Dairy farm conversions.

CCMP has three key sites located in the Otago region, one in Momona and two in Balclutha. Each team is made up of qualified, experienced people, specialising in providing all your farm requirements.