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Whether you need it designed, fabricated or repaired, CCMP Engineering can provide you with the right solution, every time.

CCMP has a large well equipped fabrication workshop and an experienced team to take on your engineering project large or small. Structural steel, stock gates, stock feeders, wire mesh, ATV trailers, Dog Motels, and other farm-related products are all manufactured in our workshops.

CCMP are specialist manufactures and installers of Rotary Milking Platforms. With over 40 years of experience, they have installed hundreds of Platforms locally and have completed installations in the UK, Germany, South Africa, and Chile.

The engineering team at CCMP is also mobile with vehicles that have the equipment needed to get the job done efficiently out in the field. On-site engineering maintenance, stock handling yards, dairy pipework & installation work can all be carried out by this team.

If you need major repairs or modifications, CCMP can collect your equipment using our Crane Truck, carry out the work and return it, saving you money and downtime.