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Dog Motels

Built in our workshop by our highly experienced staff.

Spacious, draft free and ergonomically designed for spine health, these are better than your average dog box and run. We’ve kept the handler in mind as well, making access simple and cleaning a breeze.

Working dogs are an incredible asset on any farm, investing in quality kennels keeps them in better health, leading to better performance even on cooler days. Excellent air flow under the kennel not only allows for good ventilation but also keeps your pooch warmer then kennels that sit directly on the damp ground. Built from quality materials and guaranteed to stand the test of time - yes even from chewers.

The box - Solid wood construction, wrapped in galvanized sheets ensures zero drafts and zero leaks aka Warm and Comfortable.

The run - Quality galvanized steel and chain mesh, with removable wooden flooring ensuring security and ample space.

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